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Dramatic Celebrity Face Paint Ideas for Halloween Costumes

Nobody wants to show up for a Halloween party and be asked, “so who are YOU supposed to be?!”  Choosing a Halloween persona that incorporates face painting is a great way to achieve the full effect and really look like who you’re trying to look like!

There are many movie characters, musicians & celebrities that can easily be mirrored with a little face paint! Here are just a few ideas to get you thinking this Halloween…

 Lady Gaga – Pretty much anything goes, but the above looks can be achieved with Aquacolor paints in the color of your choosing using brushes, paired up with some glitter, glitter spray, or go all out with some acrylic rhinestones attached with eyelash adhesive or spirit gum!

The Mad Hatter from Alice – Use some clown white or aquacolor white for a base, applied with a round or wedge sponge.  Then feather on the pink/red around the cheeks and eyes using Aquacolor paint with a wide brush or a sponge. (Don’t forget the makeup remover if you use the clown white or other Supracolor paint as it is not water based)

The Queen of Hearts from Alice – Use some clown white or aquacolor white for a base, applied with a round or wedge sponge.    Then add the blue eyelids and red heart shape over the lips using blue and red Aquacolor paint or supracolor paint and a brush.  Use a fine brush and black Supracolor or Aquacolor black for the little mole and black eyebrows.  OR, try a black Pro pencil or a bottle of Detailz!  You could even achieve this whole look using one 6-color Supracolor palette. (Don’t forget the makeup remover if you use the clown white or other Supracolor paint as it is not water based)

Captain Jack Sparrow – Use a brush with some Aquacolor white, black, and green to paint his extra eyes!

The Joker – Try wrinkling up your face while blotting on some Aquacolor white paint with a sponge.  This will help achieve those “cracks” of no paint where the wrinkles are.  Then get some red for the mouth and apply with a brush, and do a mix of black and green around the eyes.  Put a little extra water in the black and red to allow it to bleed into the cracks and you’ve got yourself one creepy looking Joker face!

KISS – Try some clown white or aquacolor white for a base applied with a round or wedge sponge.  Then add the black details with a brush and black Aquacolor paint.  Use metallic silver around the eyes if that’s the face you choose!

Blue Man Group – That’s an easy one!  Get an all black outfit and paint your head blue with Aquacolor paint! Use a round or wedge sponge to get quick coverage. (Pick up a skull cap if you’re not bald, or go all out and shave your head!)

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Got something awesome planned for this Halloween involving face paint?  We’d love to see how it turns out and post your photos!  Contact me if you’d like to share your costume ideas, past or present!

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Baby Bump Painting: Goldfish Bowl!

I am sooo excited to share my first baby bump painting, done just this afternoon!  Well, my first on someone else…I did paint my own belly like a pumpkin on Halloween two years ago.  But it was much trickier not being able to see below my belly button.  😉

Pregnant belly painting, also known as “gestational art,” is all the rage these days.  Moms-to-be are having their bellies painted and photographed with their dads-to-be for their baby books, and even having them done at baby showers!  You may have seen moms on A Baby Story having their bellies painted, or maybe you’ve seen some celebrities in the news having it done, like Mariah Carey.

Having your baby bump painted and photographed is a really fun way to preserve some memories from pregnancy and celebrate your growing belly!  I’ve always had so much fun studying all of the photos of baby bump art in my face & body painting magazines, so I put a feeler out on Facebook to see if I could get a model or two to let me paint them.  My wonderful second cousin, who is 32 weeks pregnant, graciously volunteered, having never even heard of having your belly painted!

I started by sending her a few photos off of the web of other people’s painted bellies to get the wheels turning.  She decided on the fishbowl idea, which is a really fun play on the round pregnant belly!  I put together this Photoshopped concept for her using various clipped digital images off the web, and I used this for reference:

digital concept “sketch”

 …and here’s the finished piece…pretty close!

 I gave her a page of different plants to choose from, and she picked these cute lilly pads which were fun shapes to create!

After reading some suggestions from experienced belly painters on the face paint forum, I decided to have her stand at first while I drew the basic design on her belly with a makeup pencil ($5 each for black or white).  This prevents the design from looking distorted when she is done and stands back up.

 Above are a few progess shots along the way.  I used a round makeup sponge that I had cut in half ($1.20 each) to fill in the white base and some blue shading.  Then I used my #28 flat sable brush ($19.50) to feather and blend the blue and white to give the bowl a nice round appearance.  From there I used my #5 and #2 contour round brushes ($3.40 & $4.60) to fill in all of the colors and details.

I’m really glad that she brought her mom to share in the experience, because she was a great photographer and captured the whole process!

 I’ve never really painted pictures of goldfish and it was really fun.  Normally I spend about 30 seconds to a minute on a design, on very adorable yet wiggly children.  I was wondering if I could even get myself to spend more than 20 minutes on a design!  Turns out the challenge for me was making myself STOP tweaking and adding more detail after over an hour of painting!  The time flew by though and I already can’t wait for my next belly painting.

After we were finished we took tons of photos!  I didn’t have an actual fish net so I Photoshopped this one into the picture, which turned out pretty cute:

 …although I was kindof wishing I had a cat to put next to her!

All in all I think it went well for my first belly painting and I think my wonderful model enjoyed it too! Many thanks to her for driving out more than an hour I’m sure to my house so that I could paint her while my two boys were napping!  😉

If you live in the Twin Cities area (Minneapolis / St Paul Minnesota) and are interested in having your belly painted, or in giving a belly painting as a gift to an expectant mom, check out my website here for more info!

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New Package Deal: The Charity Fundraising Kit!

I am pleased to announce yet another new product introduction to the Paintertainment online shop…the Charity Fundraiser Kit!  This kit was designed to help people raise money for various charitable causes, enabling someone with no experience face painting to achieve professional results without the high price tag of hiring an actual professional.  Click here for a video demonstration!

For just $23.99 (over a $2.00 savings versus buying each item individually) 
the kit includes:
• One #2 round brush for outlining
• One round makeup sponge, which can be cut in half to make two sponges
• 2.5 ounces of Kryolan Aquacolor makeup in the color of your choosing
• .5 ounces of Kryolan Aquacolor black makeup for outlines
• One ribbon design stencil from Snazaroo

Not sure what colors represent what causes?  I’m in the process of putting together my own color chart, but in the meantime, I really like this one put together by Fire Mountain Gems, a place I like to buy beads for jewelry making!

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Rainbow Butterfly How-To

Tonight I finally had a chance to try out a few of the fun new products that were recently added to Paintertainment’s online shop!  I took photos along the way so that I could share a little rainbow butterfly how-to for you!

1) Wet the brush and/or paint. Swipe the Snazaroo butterfly fan brush across the Paradise Rainbow Cake to load it with a rainbow of colors! (You’ll swipe in the other direction, loading the other side of the brush, when you do the butterfly’s right wing in step 3)

2) Lay the butterfly fan brush against the skin, making sure that all colors make contact.

3) Swipe to the right as you lift the brush up for the left wing! Repeat using the other side of the brush for the right wing.

4) Outline the wings in black.  I used the Kryolan #5 round brush and black Aquacolor paint.

5) Paint a body and add antennae and outlines.  I used more of the Kryolan Aquacolor paint for the body, and a black bottle of Paradise Detailz for the outlines and antennae.

6) Add the finishing touches in white! I used the Snazaroo dotting wand for the white dots on the edges of the wings, and a white bottle of Paradise Detailz for the fine highlights and details.

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New Paradise & Mehron Products Now Available!

I’m pleased to announce another round of great new products just added to!

Glitter Spray 
– Glitter spray is a water based gel with glitter suspended throughout. It may be sprayed on the skin, hair or clothing. Use alone or to add sparkling accents!

Pro Pencils
– These silky smooth, ultra creamy pencils glide on with ease and come with a sturdy composite casing to protect the tip. Use them to draw designs or outline shapes to indicate placement of makeup…a must have for clowns and baby bump artists! Hint: for better point, put pencil in the freezer for a few minutes before sharpening!

Rainbow Cakes
This 6-color rainbow cake is made up of Mehron’s world famous Paradise Makeup AQ paint. The large surface of the rectangular cake has equal amounts of each color. They can be applied with a dampened sponge or brush, and remove easily with soap and water. The container measures about 3 1/8″ x 2 1/4″

This liquid color concentrate is specifically designed for detail work. Each bottle comes with its own special applicator that provides the artist with the ability to add those fine details to intricate designs, outlines, fine lines, round accent spots and dots of various sizes.

I can’t WAIT to try out all of these cool products, and as soon as I do I’ll be sure to post pictures!

Happy painting! 

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Full Faces Freak me out!

 I hesitate to even post these just because full faces still totally creep me out!!  That’s probably a bad trait for a face painter, eh? 😉 Well, I thought I’d try my hand at some full face animals on myself.  So here they are:

Leopard – This was my first try at using a “rake brush,” and a neat animal print stencil I just bought online.  Never thought I’d use a stencil but they are pretty slick for things like prints!
My tiger face, before I had the rake brush which makes such great fur…

Trying out another new stencil of reptile skin! The interferenz paints were pretty cool for this.  If I did it again I’d do a darker base and then do the stencil’ed pattern in lighter green. I used to have an iguana named Gonzo.  There’s your trivia for the day.