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Now Shipping: New Products from Loew-Cornell!

We’re not carrying more fun products from Loew-Cornell in the Paintertainment online shop!

You can now find these “Spongit 3-packs” for just $4.59!  Each wood handled Spongit comes with two different diameter ends, ranging from 1/2″ to 1-1/4″ in diameter.

We also have some more great items to help you extend the lives of your brushes!  Do you use a Stanley FatMax toolbox for your kit?  If you do, you’ll love how these  next three products fit perfectly into your kit!

This Brush Well is just $5.49 and does double duty as a brush holder/protector for up to 20 brushes, and a rinse water container.

The round Brush Tub ($7.99) is a great little rinse tub, complete with a ribbed bottom to aid in cleaning, and built in brush holders to protect your bristles.  Each one has 21 holes to display and organize your brushes while you paint.