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Smile Painter Set Now Includes Wolfe Brushes

I wanted to announce a little update to my Smile Painter Set face painting kit, which I put together about 6 years ago to help out those who have been asked to volunteer face painting for their local church or school. 

smile painter set professional face painting kit instructions supplies
Smile Painter Set – Available now for $64 (you save over $8.00)

I have just decided to swap out the previously included sable brushes with two Wolfe synthetic brushes, in a round #1 and #5. While it is true that sable bristles are the highest quality and most long lasting bristles you can get in a brush, I have come to the realization that they are not necessarily the best choice for the beginning face painter.  Sable brushes are finicky and do require a little more TLC to keep their tips nice and pointy, and without the proper care can soon become “fluffy,” making it hard to be precise when painting cheek art.  I personally own several sable brushes which have “fluffed out” on me, and I now use them for things like blending colors and creating textures like fur, where a fluffy brush comes in handy!

I personally have found myself using my new Wolfe synthetic brushes more and more as my go-to brush for all my main painting now.  The synthetic bristles are still of a great quality, and they really hold their shape nicely even if they have been used and abused.  High quality synthetic brushes are more likely to give you a steady and predictable outcome every time, and I think that by swapping these out, new painters will have less frustration with stray bristles!

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