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Arrrrgh, Mateys! Pirate Party Painting!

Our family just returned from a Disney cruise!  Yes, that is why our office has been closed for the week…being a one woman company, every now and then I have to close the shop for a family vacation.  Thank you for your patience!! I’m in the process of catching up on emails and orders and should have your orders placed during that time ready to ship out on Monday!

Anyway, this face painter couldn’t even go on vacation without doing some face painting.  I brought along a super miniature paint set specifically for “pirate night” on the ship!  It consisted of a small pill box filled with 8 basic Kryolan colors, one #2 sable brush, and a little piece of my stipple sponge (for pirate stubble!)

The tiny set worked perfectly for my tiny pirates in our tiny stateroom bathroom! 🙂 Here are some pictures…

getting paints ready…boys waiting their turn!

Sammy’s mustache, stubble, curly chest hairs and cut

I painted a parrot and sword on Toby’s arms.  (He had aloe on his cheeks & nose as he had a little too much sun in Grand Cayman that day!)
Enjoying the pirate party on the pool deck, complete with a show, dancing, and fireworks!

Of course I would have loved to have more supplies…especially better brushes.  I brought one small sable brush that had already fluffed out on me (lost it’s nice pointy tip) as I figured brushes wouldn’t fare well in a suitcase.  So, I couldn’t get much detail, but the boys loved it and that’s what counts!!  If I were to do it again I might bring my black Starblends to do an eye patch on them!  But, they were SO tired that night, they were rubbing there eyes a lot!

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