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Steampunk Hand!

Today I finally got some extra time while the boys napped to work on an entry for the Face Paint Forum’s “Steampunk Challenge!”  I have been trying to come up with an idea for a couple weeks and finally decided to do one of the things I do best…HANDS!  So here is my interpretation of a steampunk hand!  🙂

I used mostly my Kryolan metallic paints, along with some Wolfe black and white.  I also used a little Kryolan black as well.  Now that I’ve gotten familiar with both brands, I find I like the properties of one or the other better depending on what I’m doing.  Wolfe is by far the blackest of blacks!  So that’s what I used for the darkest areas and the outlines.  I used Kryolan when I wanted a more transparent layer of black on top of the metallic paints while adding depth.  I also mixed a little Kryolan black with the metallic paints to create darker shades of each metal for shadows.

I wanted to try my BAM stencils for a little texture, but couldn’t do that one handed! Ha! I only used two brushes for the whole thing…a Wolfe #1 and Wolfe #4 round.  All in all I think it turned out pretty cool for my first steampunk inspired idea.  I would love-love-love to do something like this over an entire body!  Although, just this hand took me 45 minutes so it would be a long day of painting! 😉