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Belly Painting at Carver County’s Community Baby Shower

I had SO much fun painting bellies today!!  This was the first ever community baby shower put on by Carver County Public Health, in Chaska, MN.  I was honored to be asked to come and provide belly paintings to any of the moms in attendance who were interested.  Here are a few photos from the event!

My banner and table

 I thought this was a VERY well done and well organized event, which was especially impressive after hearing that they only had a few months to plan it.  I loved that they even were thoughtful enough to place me in a room RIGHT next to a sink, and also provided me with a table and some fabulous privacy screens.

My FatMax all set up and ready to paint!

For this event I bought a brand new zero gravity chair (for the moms), a rolling mechanic’s stool (for me), and a memory foam pad for when I had to kneel.  It really all worked great!!

I found this fun fabric at the thrift store that I used for a tablecloth.  To the left is my binder of design ideas, to the right are my brochures/business cards, and a sign-up sheet for 15 minute time slots.  I only used that at the beginning when there was a crowd and it worked great!

This was very fitting for my beautiful friend from Hawaii!

Two sisters who were both expecting girls!!

Cute little stork for a mommy expecting a baby boy!

This was my first one and favorite one of the day!  So fun!!!

Tropical flower using some TAG one stroke split cakes!
Yeah, this one isn’t a belly, but toward the end of the event when things slowed down, I had a blast doing this on one of the lovely volunteers!!  She told me where to paint but let me do whatever I wanted, which is every face painter’s dream, right?!

Although the crowd did dwindle quite a bit in the last hour or two, overall I’d say this was a super awesome event.  The location was great, and all the moms were so sweet and loved their paintings!  There were so many fun things for everyone to do, including kids.  I hope they do this event again, and I really hope I get the opportunity to paint at it again!! A huge thank you to all the moms who stopped by to get painted today!

For more information or to schedule your own personal baby bump painting (in the Twin Cities, MN), check out my belly painting page!