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HAS vs BAM … Scale, Coverage, Dimensions, Etc!

It can be hard for visual people like we face painters to purchase things online without seeing and touching them ourselves, which is why I try so hard to include great visuals in my shop!  Seeing a stock shot of a paint container, for example, doesn’t tell you much.  I usually try to show a hand holding a container to get an idea for scale, give product dimensions, and swatches of it on skin whenever possible!  So, for this reason I thought I’d do a more in depth post on the new HAS (Half Ass Stencils) that we are now carrying in the shop!

HAS “Design” Set in the package – a zip-closed plastic bag.

The stencil sheet removed.  Each set has a different colored chain so you can organize your stencils!
When you get them, you have to pop each one out of the sheet

The “Design” set chained together and in my hand for scale.

So the question everyone asks is, are the designs simply cropped smaller or are they shrunken down? I took the design BAM 1035 and the corresponding HAS 4035 for example, being that it is one of the most popular designs with face painters!  While many of the HAS stencils have the BAM designs simply shrunk by 50%, that is not the case for ALL of the stencils.  As you can see here, with this design it is shrunken but also cropped off a little.   Some of the designs with a lot of fine detail, like this one, probably wouldn’t work well shrunk at 50%, so it is not really correct to say they are the same exact design at 50% scale.  It depends on the stencil.  But it seems as though they have scaled most of them by 50% if it still resulted in a useable stencil.  

HAS next to it’s corresponding pattern in BAM, to show the difference in scale.

I tried out these stencils on top of a swatch of Wolfe white, using some blue powder from the INtense pro “Wind” set applied with a lollipop blender.

Sample swatches made using corresponding BAM and HAS stencils

 You can see the size of coverage area here with the ruler.  The HAS stencils make an oval about 2.25″ long, while BAM is about 4″.

I hope this helps answer your questions about the size and scale of the HAS designs!  Feel free to post any questions you have, and I would love to help!  If you have questions about a specific pattern, let me know and I’d be happy to post or email you a photo comparison of that design in BAM vs HAS!

2 thoughts on “HAS vs BAM … Scale, Coverage, Dimensions, Etc!

  1. Hi I need some designs cutting in stencil sheet
    Where can i get and what is the price

  2. Hello Somasekar! I do not offer custom cut stencils, but I do sell the sheets if you are looking to cut your own. You can get the sheets here: Some people use a heat pen, and some purchase die cutting machines like a Cricuit! I hope this helps…thanks for stopping by! 🙂