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Paintertainment Free How-To: Realistic Black Widow

Hey everyone!  Usually I like to do cartoon-y stuff, but I thought I’d try out my first realistic looking spider today!  I’ve seen some cool ones online over the past few years and love how the shadows can really make them appear to be real.  So, I did a Google image search for a black widow and just used that for reference.  Here’s what I came up with! 

 The segmented legs are really just long, skinny teardrop strokes and really add to the realism I think.  I used Wolfe black for the spider itself, because it is SO black, and then used a watered down Kryolan black for the shadow underneath. The whole thing was done with my two favorite Wolfe synthetic brushes, round #1 and round #4, however, it probably could be done with just one of those.