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Yellow Cartoon Character Conga Line!

Okay, so this month was the first time I have participated in a little something they call “Tag: You’re It” on the Face Paint Forum.  Basically what you do is form teams with a list of members, and then each person takes a turn going down the list and “tagging” the next person with a subject matter to paint and then share with photos.  My subject: YELLOW!

Yeah, I know, I know, I’m going to be thrown in jail for all of this copyright infringement, but let it be known that I have made NO money off of this entirely TEMPORARY artwork done on my own thigh and then photographed and washed off.  It was just a fun exercise.  I decided to do a conga line of yellow cartoon characters.  😉  This is why I love things like contests and these “tag” games…they always force me to do something I would never normally have come up with!

I had more yellow characters on my list, but I ran out of thigh and this also took me almost an hour.  When you break it down that’s about 5 minutes per character, which is a lot for me as I was really taking my time.  Essentially it’s a line-up of cheek art that would normally take me 3 minutes or less.  But, I was in no rush painting myself!

Here are some photos of it in progress:


This was really fun and I hope to be able to jump into the next “Tag: You’re It!”