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My Latest Belly Painting: “You Are My I Love You”

I had the honor of painting another baby bump this weekend! 

Such a beautiful Momma!!

The image chosen came from this adorable book, “You Are My I Love You.”  I ordered a mini version on Amazon so I could read the story and see some more images…very sweet book if you haven’t seen it!

I thought I’d utilize my front door which I painted with chalkboard paint last fall…

Here are the tools and supplies I used.  For belly paintings I like to use this round tray lined with a towel.  It has nice, tall sides for me to easily carry my kit around without dropping things!  I get out only the colors I know I’ll need since we work out the design in detail before we begin.  

You can see my Photoshopped rendering of the belly design above, which I use for reference, but mostly to nail down the design ahead of time with the mom. 

Here are some progress shots!  I start with a white makeup pencil while mom stands, and then have her sit while I paint, so that the design isn’t distorted later when she stands up.  You can see below how much bellies change shape standing vs sitting by comparing the 1st and 2nd shots below. All the paints were Kryolan, except for the white which was Wolfe.

 I used a combination of sponge and brush to lay down the white background, and did the whole painting with three different sizes of Wolfe round brushes (#1, #4, and #8.), except for the stripes on the bear’s shorts where I used a small flat brush.  I added some texture to the grassy field using my black pore stipple sponge and that worked great! 

Are they not the cutest couple ever?!?! 

Thank you so much for letting me paint your beautiful bump!!

If you’re thinking about having a baby bump painting, you can find out more on my belly FAQ page!

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