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New Shop Additions: Balloons and Feathers!

Hello everyone!  Things have been VERY busy in my studio and online shop these past couple weeks!!  Let’s just say I had to order more peg hooks to store all the new goodies being added to the shop this month.

New Halloween Package Deal!

First up, posted a little while back but I forgot to mention on my blog, is our new Halloween package deal!  This year’s Halloween deal has been totally re-vamped to include coagulated blood gel, liquid latex (for realistic flesh wounds!), spider and “blood drip” stencils, your choice of tooth enamel (choose from gold, blacked out tooth, or nicotine/decay), and the Wolfe Brothers’ “Horror” book!  It’s a $32.00 value for just $28.99!  (And don’t forget we also still have our “Spooky Set” of BAM stencils!)

Paintertainment’s New Halloween Package Deal
Now Selling Twisting Balloons!

It’s been a while since I’ve sold balloons…originally I tried them out as a part of our clown section, which I later decided to discontinue and placed everything left in our Clearance section.  However, I have decided to take on balloons again, this time offering a larger assortment!  Many face painters offer balloons in addition to their painting services, and I myself have even started doing balloon twisting in the last few weeks.  It is a LOT of fun, and these days there are so many great tutorial videos online, it’s almost a no-brainer to give it a try! 

Qualatex multi-colored assortments currently offered by Paintertainment

All it takes is a hand pump and a bag of assorted colors to find out if you are interested in adding balloon twisting to your repertoire.  If you decide you’d like to do more, you can purchase individual colors in bags of 100!

Qualatex twisting balloon colors currently offered by Paintertainment

 Did you know that Qualatex balloons are made right here in the USA from natural latex, and they decompose at the same rate as an oak leaf?

Be sure to keep an eye on our balloon section, as it will be growing right along me in my endeavors to become a balloon twister!  Got requests or other suggestions for more balloon items to add?  Please let me know!

New Bling: Feathers!

Last but certainly not least…our “Bling” section just keeps getting better and better!  We’ve JUST received our first shipment of feathers!  Feathers are perfect for adding that extra fancy touch to your designs, and their super light weight make them easy to attach with our assortment of adhesives. 

For just $2.50-$3.00 per package, you can really add that wow factor to your mask designs!  Check out the new feathers just added…

Black with assorted bright colors – 6 pieces for $3.00

Assorted brown/black/white 5″ feathers for $2.50

Assorted cream/brown/black 5″ feathers for $2.50

Assorted “Guinea feathers” in bright colors, 3 grams for $2.50

Mardi Gras feathers in a big 14 gram bag for $2.50

Big 14 gram bag of assorted natural colors for $2.50

Gorgeous peacock feathers, 2pieces, 5″ for $3.00

I have SO many more ideas in my head for more products to add and special package deals, so I’d better go and get on it!  Be sure to follow the blog and “like” our page on Facebook to stay up to date on our new products, tutorials, and posts… and our next free e-newsletter will be coming out in the next couple weeks too, so subscribe today to make sure you get the latest coupon codes!

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