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What we’ve been up to lately!

It’s been busy around here!  In addition to the usual Christmas preparations many families have, I also have a December 26th baby’s birthday to plan, and also keep VERY busy with face painting!  December is probably my busiest or 2nd busiest month of the year now…even busier than some summer months.  So, I’m a little behind in sharing photos, but thought I’d try to catch up here.  If you are a fan of my Facebook page, you may have seen many of these already but many are new.

Two weekends ago my mom and I painted at a “Breakfast with Santa” event at a hotel.  It was very fun!  We had some time between kids as they rode over to us via reindeer sleigh rides in waves, so I had a chance to paint my arm a couple times, too.  Here are a few photos….

A few of the faces I did

My first arm design of the morning

Mom all set up to paint!

My second arm painting of the day!  (snowman from Frozen)

Me and Santa Carlucci!  He keeps me pretty busy every December!

Last week I hosted another face painting jam for anyone I could reach via the Midwest face painters group on Facebook, and we had a good turnout!  It was a lot of fun hanging out and sharing ideas!

Painty friends doing their thing!  The whole jam lasted 7 hours…what fun!!

We had a full house!

My 2nd arm painting for the day…one stroke poinsettia

My 1st arm painting of the day

Last weekend I had fun painting at a mall Christmas event that I do every year with Santa!  My mom joined me this year and we painted for 3 hours. 

Mom doing her thing!

Real reindeer to pet!

Horse drawn wagon rides!

Tried a little one stroke snowflake thingy on my eye.

Me and Mom!

This gig happened to be the same night my boys got to go to the Monster Jam with Daddy and Grampa, so I of course had to paint dirt and tire tracks on them before they left, too!

Tonight my family and I attended a Christmas party at the memory care facility where my grandpa lives! I thought it would be fun to bring along my balloons and make some creations for the residents and guests.

Holding up some sample balloons for the girls to pick…
Me and my dad…he’s such a great sport! That’s one of my little elves peeking over the chair.
My grandpa! He got my first ever Rudolf balloon hat with a real light in the nose! Sure was a challenge getting the light in there.  If only my elastrator tool had not been delayed a day in shipping, it would have been much easier!  Gotta get some red round balloons too which would also make it easier!

Grandpa dangling his fishing pole in front of my dad’s face! Love how balloons can turn adults into kids!

Love this lady…she’s such a character and loves playing with my boys.  She picked the penguin because she said he looks like her husband!  Ha!

I also just sent out our December e-newsletter, and added a ton of new product to the website!  Whew!

This coming weekend I’m busy with gigs on Saturday and Sunday as well. Looking forward to trying out some of my new snowflake bling!  Watch for more pictures to come!

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