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It’s GARAGE SALE Season at Paintertainment!

Who’s ready for GARAGE SALE season?!  We are!  I love garage sales and I frequently find things that I can use in my kit or my business at garage sales.  Wouldn’t it be cool to find a garage sale with stuff specifically for face painters?!

We have just opened up a new garage sale section of our website! Yes, we still have our usual fabulous clearance section, which is full of brand new, unopened items at great discounts.  However, our new garage sale section is where you will find gently used items, slightly damaged items, and even a few brand new items that have never been used!  Sometimes I’ll end up with a cake of paint that has a cracked lid, a book with bent corners, or a product without a package.  These items are perfectly useable, but not quite like brand new, and I need to get them out of my shop, which means great deals for you!  Also, if I happen to find something perfect for face painters at actual garage sales in my area, this is where I’ll post them to pass on the bargains to someone who can use them.

Check it out today and see what you might find, and be sure to check back often as it can change at any moment!  Happy bargain hunting!

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