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New Products and My Recent “Doodles!”

We have quite a few more new products available in the shop now!  In my process of gradually replacing all of my Kryolan brand products, I am phasing in some fantastic new brushes from Loew-Cornell, as well as a growing assortment of palette refills for both Paradise and Wolfe palettes.

This new brush shown below is one of the specialty shaped brushes, in the same line as Loew-Cornell’s Flora and double filbert brushes.  This “Flora Round” brush is designed specifically for creating teardrops and double-dip petal shapes! At first glance it looks like a typical round brush, but the point of it does extend out longer and more narrow, allowing you to paint a nice, crisp point. I hope to play with mine this week and post some photos of what it can do.

Loew-Cornell Flora Round Brush

 Above is our new 1/2″ Loew-Cornell flat brush.  I use my 1/2″ flat brushes frequently when painting with one-stroke cakes, when I want to only pick up a couple of the colors in a split cake. My new One Stroke Face Painting Book (which I’ve just re-stocked as well!) shows many designs that use this brush to pick up 2-3 colors.

Below are photos of the Loew-Cornell round brushes we are now carrying, in a #2, #3, and #5.  Their golden taklon fibers are durable and precise.  The handles on these brushes below, and the two brushes above, are made of a smoky gray acrylic, which helps them hold up well to moisture.

No 2 round
No 3 Round

No 5 round

 I’ve also now added Loew-Cornell’s “Maxine’s Foamie” foam applicators!  The foam heads on these are about 3/4″ in diameter, and the handle is made of wood.

Loew-Cornell 3/4″ Foamie

 Be sure to check out our full line of brushes and sponges!

In addition to the brushes, we’re now carrying Wolfe Appetizer palette refills, and have added refill sizes of Paradise’s very popular “Brilliant” line of metallic paints.

Wolfe appetizer palette refills
Paradise Brilliant palette refills

Unfortunately my shipment from Wolfe was missing the black and purple refills, so I should be getting those in soon!

Now that you’ve sat through all of the new product news, I’ll leave you with a little painty inspiration! Here’s a design I painted on my arm last week.  First I did the monarch alone, and later added the background….

I’ve also been working on water drops these past couple weeks.  Above I added water to the leaves, and below I tried to stretch my artistic brain to make a drop that lies over two different colors! 😉

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