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Fun New Loew-Cornell Double Time Brushes are Here!!

I just received a new shipment of brushes today from Loew-Cornell and had a lot of fun experimenting with them!  These unique styles are great for speeding up detailed patterns like stripes, plaid, fur, checkerboards, and more!

Don’t expect these to be around much longer, because this style of brushes were actually discontinued by Loew-Cornell back in 2005.  I was able to get some of what they have left though, and am finding them to be really fun to experiment with!  Each brush is available now for $5.00 each…for as long as supplies last!

Here are some photos of today’s experiments with these brushes….

2-head liner

2-head liner used for whiskers
5-head liner patterns
Flag – stripes and stars done with a 5-head liner! Can also do with a 2 or 3-head liner.

Fur done with a 5-head liner

Repeat overlapping lines for super quick and uniform lace designs!

5-head liner is great for musical designs, too!

Plaid Striper

Checkerboard Brush

Checkerboard brush used with TAG one-stroke Tropical cake to make a basket weave

2 thoughts on “Fun New Loew-Cornell Double Time Brushes are Here!!

  1. thanks for sharing Gretchen

  2. thanks for sharing Gretchen

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