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How to Clean Your Brush Tub

This is going to be a first in a little series of posts focusing on how to clean your face painting supplies.  Keeping your kit clean is not only important for your client’s perception of your safety and hygiene practices, but also for extending the life of your tools!

So, for our first installment of cleaning tips, we’ll start with our brush tub!!

I absolutely love my brush tub, and ever since the first time I used it, I’ve been unable to go back to a regular cup of water.  We have two styles of brush tub’s…Loew-Cornell’s Brush Tub and Brush Tub II. The little ridges on the bottom are so fantastic for cleaning the paint out of your bristles….yet they can be a bear to clean themselves!  Here’s how I do it.

Get yourself some of these wipes…Lysol or Clorox wipes work great.  And no, I do not use these types of wipes on kids’ faces!  I only use these for cleaning objects.  😉

After giving it a good rinse with water, wipe down the outsides and the larger surfaces inside with a wipe.  I find that these wipes have gotten every stain out of my tub for years.  Of course it may depend on the type of paint you use, but I use Kyrolan, Paradise, TAG, Global, and Wolfe.

Once you wipe off all of the larger, flat surfaces, it’s time to tackle the corners and ridges.  Find a brush with a skinny handle.  If you have one with a pointed tip on the end, like this one of my Loew-Cornell 7000C series brushes with a nice, sharp, pointed, acrylic handle:

Lay the handle of your brush on the wipe, and wrap the wipe around the brush handle.

Now, use the brush handle to push the wipe down between each of the ridges.  The sharp point on these brush handles gets into every corner of the tub and easily cleans off the paint when positioned at the right angle!  Move the wipe around as you go so you continually get a cleaner area of the wipe.

Once you get all the pain out, give the tub a good rinse, as you may have loosened up some more paint that will rinse out.  I like to use my kitchen sprayer and shoot it right into the ridges.  This not only removes more paint, but it’s also important to remove the cleaning chemicals that are on the wipes, so they don’t end up in your brush rinse water.

Aaah, much better!!  Ready for the next gig! 🙂

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Trick Out Your Kit at Paintertainment!

Did you know that we have a growing assortment of supplies made to help you trick out your guitar case, DJ Hero case, or whatever cool container you’re transforming into a kit? 

This week we just got in some fun duct tape! We’ll be adding more patterns in the future, but are starting with three designs that are great for face painters.  I’ve personally decorated the outside of my FatMax with duct tape, and I also wrap it around my spray bottles and rinse water jars to coordinate my tools!

We also have rolls of adhesive backed magnet tape, for those of you who like to line your kit with metal and have your paints attach magnetically.

Also, you can find some unbreakable plastic mirror sheets that are perfect for mounting inside your kit lid.  They can be cut with a scissors too, so you can even use them to replace broken glass mirrors.

I recently purchased a guitar case that I’ve transformed into a sweet setup, and I hope to do a blog post about it as soon as I can gather up all the photos I’ve taken of it! Stay tuned! 🙂

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More New Products in May!

We have all kinds of new products available this month!!  But first, I’ll start by introducing our three new package deals, all centered around one stroke face painting!  The more you buy, the more you save with these great package deals, and you can even choose which one stroke cakes to customize your own deal.

STARTER Package Deal – Great for those looking to try out one strokes and see if it’s for them! Save $4.00
SUPER Package Deal – Great for those looking to add one strokes to their face painting repertoire! Save $5.00
SUPREME Package Deal – For those who are serious about taking on one strokes! Save $20.00!

Check out the photos below and click the links to go directly to our other brand new additions to the shop…

Foam Applicator Brushes, great for making beads, bubbles, etc!
Hot Wingz “Wild” Stencil

Hot Wingz “Cajun” Stencil

5″ Ninja Faces

Festive Alien Assortment

Black Cat Faces

Bloodshot Eyes

Frankenstein Faces

11″ Ninja Faces

Pirate Skulls


Spider Eyes

Witch Faces

5″ Rounds

5″ Clear Rounds

We’ve added Goldenrod and Carribbean Blue to our 260Q Assortment!

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Painted Jewelry CONTEST! Win Global Products!

Our friendly Global product distributors have graciously donated a great prize for our first ever competition!!

Here are the details…

The theme is painted jewelry.  Show us what you can do with painted jewelry, and one lucky artist will win three Global paints (Orange, Metallic Silver, and dark green) and a white glitter gel!

1) “Like” our Facebook page if you haven’t already.
2) Become a follower of our Blog.
3) Email a photo of your design (painted on an actual person) to Gretchen(at)Paintertainment(dot)com and type “Jewelry Contest” in the subject line.  Be SURE to include your full name and mailing address so I know where to send the prize if you win!

– You may enter up to 3 designs per artist!
– All entries are due by midnight (Central time) on May 23rd, 2014.
– One winner will be announced no later than May 27th, 2014.
– Paintertainment reserves the right to share your images on the Facebook page and/or blog so that everyone can see all of the fabulous entries! Please do NOT enter if you don’t want your photos shown.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them here or email me!

Thank you and happy painting!!  🙂