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Trick Out Your Kit at Paintertainment!

Did you know that we have a growing assortment of supplies made to help you trick out your guitar case, DJ Hero case, or whatever cool container you’re transforming into a kit? 

This week we just got in some fun duct tape! We’ll be adding more patterns in the future, but are starting with three designs that are great for face painters.  I’ve personally decorated the outside of my FatMax with duct tape, and I also wrap it around my spray bottles and rinse water jars to coordinate my tools!

We also have rolls of adhesive backed magnet tape, for those of you who like to line your kit with metal and have your paints attach magnetically.

Also, you can find some unbreakable plastic mirror sheets that are perfect for mounting inside your kit lid.  They can be cut with a scissors too, so you can even use them to replace broken glass mirrors.

I recently purchased a guitar case that I’ve transformed into a sweet setup, and I hope to do a blog post about it as soon as I can gather up all the photos I’ve taken of it! Stay tuned! 🙂

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