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New Paint, Balloons & Stencils Now Shipping!

We have added loads of new products to the shop lately!!  I’m a little behind in updating so here’s what’s new in case you haven’t been following us on Facebook!


I’ve just recently started carrying Cameleon! I’m really excited to have some Cameleon in my shop, and plan to gradually grow my selection in the coming months.  For now we have a selection of Color Blocks, as well as some of their metallic paints and black & white.

We’ve also recently added an assortment of Global neon colors!


As for Stencils, we’ve added quite a variety of new designs!

Single palm tree – $4.99

Cityscape – $4.99

Pair of palm trees – $4.99
sample swatch of the above palm trees

Tiki – $4.99

TAP Stencil Selection – $2.50 each

BAM 1027 – Great for Minecraft! (sample below)
Alex Hansen – $6.00

Alex Hansen Spider Web – $6.00 (sample swatch below)

Alex Hansen Paw Prints – $6.00

Alex Hansen Circles – $6.00

Alex Hansen Brains – $6.00 (sample swatch below)

Great for zombies and skulls!!

City Stencil – $17.00

Jewelry – $17.00


We’ve added a few new balloons and balloon related items to our selection too!

Avengers Assortment

Orange rounds – Great for little pumpkins!

Blush Link-o-Loons

These are SO fun for making Gru!!  🙂 They also work great for princess heads, giving you a place on top to tie on some hair.

Clown Heads

NEW Holiday Set of Pocket Balloon Menu Cards!

White geo blossoms

Orange bee bodies

These orange no-tip bee bodies are great for carrots!!
Balloon Cups

…and a CONTEST!

If you join our Cheek Art Face Painting Group on Facebook, you have until October 17th to enter as many fun Halloween cheek art designs as you like, for a chance to win some awesome Global paints and glitter gel!!

Hope you’re having a good start to fall…happy painting & twisting, everyone! 🙂

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