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New Products in November!

We’ve added a few new items to the shop lately and I wanted to give you a few links in case you’re interested in checking anything out!

Are you looking to re-organize your kit? We now have some exciting new options available for paint storage!

The photo above shows our new wooden boxes, along with trays that fit in them just perfectly! The boxes are tall enough that you can stack up to 3 trays inside, or leave one side for your one-strokes like I’ve done above.  Check out the individual components below

Since I’ve recently gotten into henna, I have naturally added a selection of henna supplies and tools!  We are now carrying pre-made henna (which we store frozen!), henna kits to make your own paste, cellophane triangles to roll your own cones, and more!

We have a whole new and growing selection of Henna supplies!!

Cotton pads – Perfect to prep your clients for some beautiful henna!

100 pack of cotton swabs! Handy for henna touch-ups or lipstick application!

Squeeze bottles – no lid to lose! Great for adding a little water to your paints as needed, or for your alcohol in your henna kit!

This folding mirror is a great little size for your kit! Folds flat for storage, and then stands up on the table when needed.

These bottles are great for holding and dispensing your alcohol!

Glitter Applicator Brush! I’ll be adding more pics of this soon, but there is a fluffy brush under the black cap.  Fill the clear vial with your cosmetic glitter, and apply it with the brush!  The vial is just big enough to hold an entire bottle of our cosmetic glitter.

We’ve also recently added Ruby Red’s UV reactive face paints! These paints not only glow under black light, but they are the only UV reactive face paints on the market today that also use only FDA approved pigments.  We now carry them in larger cakes, and also small sampler kits in cast you’d like to try out a few colors before investing in the larger size.

Thanks for stopping by…Happy Painting! 🙂

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