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Competition Entry for Illusion’s “Cities of the World:” Tallinn, Estonia!

Today I thought I’d take a crack at Illusion’s latest competition: Cities of the World! I really never expect to win competitions, but I LOVE to enter them because they always challenge me to do something I wouldn’t normally do.  They also get me painting when I might normally be doing laundry or catching up on paperwork.  😉

Anyway, since I went on an amazing missions trip to Tallinn, Estonia over the summer to paint faces and twist balloons, I thought it would be fun to paint Tallinn for my entry!

Below are a few photos of it in process.  You can see in the lower left the reference photo I used.  I often combine photos in Photoshop when planning out a big design, especially for belly painting!

Well in the end, I just can’t do Tallinn justice. I had a constant feeling that I was walking through a scenic oil painting while I was there, with so much beauty everywhere we looked! It seemed to pretty to be an ACTUAL place! 🙂

Check out the Illusion contest here…it’s still open for entries!!

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