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What I’ve been painting lately…

I hope you’re all having a great February!  I know I’ve seen a lot more requests coming in for face painting again this month. Spring is coming and so are more gigs!

I thought I’d post a few photos from the past few weeks. If you follow us on Facebook you’ve seen these, but here are some of the things I’ve been doing lately! Sometimes I forget to update my blog so here it is, for you non-Facebookers!

I hosted another face painting jam last week and utilized the time (and kids present!) to update my Frozen themed design menu….

I LOVE jamming with my fellow local artists! I seriously wish I could do it several times a week, but alas…other duties call as well.  Every time we get together I learn something new.  Check out this awesome idea, for example…this is a snowflake button that can be used as a stamp! Just dab it with a paint-loaded sponge and stamp out perfect snowflakes. A friend got this in a goodie bag at an event she attended…what a great idea. I have a trip to the fabric store on my to-do list now!

The next day I did a little experimenting with Baymax on my boys! It was my little guy’s idea to add the lollipop in his hand…now I’d like to re-do that one but plan for it better, and have a fist sticking out holding it.

I’ve also been doing a little bit of henna as well.  Here is a design I did on my own arm, inspired by the stained glass work of Frank Lloyd Wright:

Here’s a photo of some experimentation with sandal ideas on my feet:

I did a little henna on a friend’s sister and daughter a few weeks ago which was fun…they chose some designs from my book of practice henna on paper…

I think I found this one on Pinterest??
This was the first design I had done on myself at the Polar Sling henna gathering a few months ago by the wonderful Angela Aspeslet! It’s been chosen by a couple others who have seen it in my practice book and always turns out pretty.

I was also super honored to be featured on 6 pages of the February issue of Skin Markz magazine! How exciting!!! They published some of the content from one of my recent blog posts on achieving speed in cheek art.

Illusion Magazine has another fun competition going on…lip art! Here is my entry, inspired by those little chattering teeth wind-up toys. I still have mine from when I was little! 🙂

The biggest thing that I have been eating, sleeping and breathing for the past month has been my NEW BOOK!  I was hoping to have it done in time for summer but really cracked down and made myself work on it for several hours per day for several weeks, and got it all polished up and off to the printers! I approved my final proof yesterday and hope to have them in my hands by Thursday. I can’t wait! Here are some pics of the front and back cover:

Realism for Face and Body Artists – front cover

Realism for Face and Body Artists – front cover

Like my previous One Stroke Face Painting book, this one will be coil bound. So, it will lie nice and flat on your tabletop while you work, making it an easy reference.

Keep an eye out here on my blog and/or Facebook page to find out as soon as it’s available to ship! Once it is, you’ll be able to purchase it here
Thanks for visiting, and happy painting!! 🙂

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