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NEW Book Now Shipping: “Painting Boys!”

I am SO excited to announce that my latest book is now in my possession and ready to ship! (Click HERE to go directly to it in the shop.)

I have risked my boys never letting me paint them again to bring you this latest book: “Painting Boys!”  I really had absolutely NO intentions of starting another book after my Realism book came out, but oh how soon that changed when the wheels started turning! After noticing a need for more boy design books out there, I decided to set out and create this book to offer something beyond the usual gore, skulls and tribals for boys.

Looking to add more fun boy designs, but you’re not all that into gore and scary stuff?  This is the book for you!  Packed with full color step-by-step photography of 24 fun, fresh, cute and cool boy designs, this book is sure to add some more fun to your boy design selection. In addition to the 24 designs, you’ll also get some tips for painting boys, as well as ideas and suggestions about how to sneak some glitter into your boy designs without getting too girly.

As I’ve mentioned, my two boys (age 5 and 7) were painted a LOT for this book.  Since they inspired so many of these designs, I thought it only fair to let them be my models throughout the book! After sketching up countless boy design ideas, I let my boys choose the ones they really wanted painted on themselves. Only those that were chosen by boys AND elicited the most exciting “mirror moments” were chosen for the book!  So, you can be assured that all twenty four designs in this book are boy approved!

For the price of $14.99 you get 24 designs…that’s just $0.62 cents per design! Check out this fun new reference today, currently available ONLY at!

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