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New product additions this week…

We have a few new additions to the shop this week!

Our rainbow of Cameleon makeup feels much more complete now, with the addition of Orange Juice, Clover Green and Purdy Purple!  We’ve gotten a nice stash of Pure White back in stock as well.

The assortment of filberts in the shop grew by three! We now carry Cameleon’s small, medium, and large filbert brushes.  These brushes have thick, soft bristles and a short, wood handle. You also may be happy to hear that we now have more of Cameleon’s popular petal brushes in stock again as well.

For our balloon twisting friends, I’ve added an assortment of 646q’s! Sometimes all it takes is an extra HUGE balloon to turn your standard designs into something spectacular!

Still on the way to us is some of Mehron’s white liquid makeup, which I tested out last week and mentioned in my recent post comparing the different white’s available. Stay tuned and happy painting!

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