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New Paintertainment “PainterTemplates” Face Painting Templates!

I’m excited to announce a new product that has been in my head and in the works for years…now that my boys are in school I’ve been able to follow it through to completion!

Introducing our new…

PainterTemplates by Paintertainment!

All 6 sides of our 3 new practice templates, with a few sample paintings!

For years I’ve been wondering why so may painters have been using practice sheets with stoic, mannequin-like illustrations or creepy 3D computer-modeled hairless heads, when they are such a far cry from the actual, happy customers we paint in real life?  This prompted me to create PainterTemplates

the two sides of the “Woman” sheet

Our practice templates are printed on letter sized paper and protected with a heavy 5 mil laminate, perfect for painting, wiping off, and painting again!

the two sides of the “Girl” sheet

But what makes our templates different than others?

  • Printed on light gray paper, so you can still see your white paint!
  • The people are actually happy!
  • The illustrations are full scale, meaning you don’t need to downsize your one stroke brushes and cakes to do real-life-sized practice designs.
  • Each comes with 2 faces: a front view on one side and a side view on the other.
the two sides of the “Boy” sheet

You can find these two-sided sheets here for just $6 each! Choose boy, girl, or woman. We will have more coming in the future so stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by, and happy painting! 🙂

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