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New Bling & More!

Our store may be closed this week, but that hasn’t stopped me from adding a few new items to the shop via my “mobile office!”

We have a variety of new self-adhesive bling available.  Click on the photo captions for a link directly to each item. These have the tiny foam tape circles on the back…

27 round assorted pink & purple gems, just $1.99

Assorted colors and sizes of stars and dots, just $1.99

Pink & purple butterflies, flowers and dots, just $1.99

Assorted sized black & silver squares, just $1.99!

Assorted bright colored round gems, just $1.99

78 piece, 5mm round gems in pastel purples/pinks, just $2.99
17 piece assorted tiaras and stars, just $1.99!

Looking for an economical way to help ease those end-of-the-gig, line-cutting-off blues?  Try temporary tattoos!  For just $5.00 we are now selling packages of 50 smiley face tattoos.  These are great to give to those last couple kids who come running up just after you’ve packed up your paints, and the designs are gender neutral, so you don’t have to go digging for certain designs or colors. Try stapling them to your business card and suggest they invite you to their next party, where they can be first in line!

50 temporary tattoos, just $5.00!

Make sure to follow our Facebook page and keep an eye out on Thanksgiving day, as we will be announcing a Black Friday deal that no other store across the globe will be able to match!

Thanks for stopping by, and happy painting!!  🙂