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Happy National Flannel Day!

Is “National Flannel Day” really a thing? Well, it must be because I got a text this morning from Caribou Coffee offering me $1 off a large drink in honor of this momentous occasion!  So, naturally, in my unnatural mind, the next logical step was to paint my arm with flannel.

 Living in the fabulously frozen northern state of Minnesota, I have always loved flannel.  And not just flannel, but PLAID flannel.  I love flannel not only for it’s warm, fuzzy properties, but because  flannel represents DAD to me.  My dad is a builder. He worked hard to provide for his family, and as a kid there was no place on earth more safe and comforting than inside the arms of one of Dad’s flannel hugs!

Me and Dad!

Here’s a time lapse video of me painting this design:

I love using my flat brushes to “stamp” out uniform lines, which you saw in the video. My current favorites used in this design are Loew Cornell’s 1/4″ 73000C series flat brush, and TAG’s 3/4″ flat one stroke brush.  I’m starting to get into the angled brushes now too, which I had never really used before!  I’ve really been gravitating toward my Cameleon filbert brushes when I need to soften and blend out shadows and highlights.  I never thought that was what I’d use them for so much, but they work great for it…they are super fluffy and thick.  Most of this was done using Paradise Beach Berry and black.  I used a little of Global’s new Deep Merlot and Rose Brown when darkening the red for shadows too.  And, of course, I top EVERY design off with Wolfe black and white for my darkest darks and brightest whites!

Thanks for the inspiration today, Caribou, and of course the yummy in my tummy! Here’s a little free promo art for you, ha ha!

Happy painting! 🙂

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