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New Workshop: “Achieving Detail with Speed”

 I am thrilled to announce that my first ever half-day workshop, “Achieving Detail with Speed,” is now open for registration!

For years painters have been asking me how I am able to paint such fine detail so quickly. It took me years of studying myself and my own painting methods in comparison with others to finally pinpoint some teachable techniques to share.  While I am already currently working on this topic for my next book, in the meantime I am offering some artists the opportunity to learn from this material through live, hands-on workshops.

Can you tell the difference in the above rabbits?  The one on the left looks a little better and more vibrant.  It must have taken longer to paint, right?  Wrong! The one on the left took almost half the time to paint vs the one on the right…and it looks BETTER!

But don’t worry…we won’t just spend the entire workshop painting cheek art.  This is just one simple example of how these techniques, when applied, can drastically save time. 

 If you are interested in learning these techniques and live in or around the Twin Cities, I will be offering this half-day workshop in my home in Mound, MN on Monday, March 21st.  We will start promptly at 10:00 AM and end at 2:00.  This workshop is being offered at a discounted rate of $60 for my hometown painty peeps, before I take it on the road to New Jersey this May.  Your registration includes a pizza lunch, a wipe-off technique practice sheet, and a 15% off discount to be used during the workshop if you need to purchase any supplies from the store. Interested in joining us for this class?  Click HERE to register…since I am hosting this in my home, THERE ARE ONLY 6 SPACES AVAILABLE!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope to meet you at a workshop somewhere this year!!

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