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Honeybees & Robots!!

I’ve been so busy working on my upcoming classes, I haven’t posted a lot of paintings lately! On Monday I held my first “Achieving Detail with Speed” class and it went great! I thought I’d give myself a little break from my future class preparations today and do a little painting.

This afternoon I did this fun honeybee design, for Illusion’s latest contest titled “Spring is Here!”  This spring I am excited to have a chance to learn about beekeeping from my dad, so I thought I’d do something related to honeybees!

Here is a list of some of the tools I used:

I love the little honeycomb stencil that is a part of the new HAS “Mixer” set!  First I laid down a layer of yellow INtense Pro powders, and then added the honeycomb pattern using brown and orange INTense Pro powders with a lollipop blender. I also used a halftone pattern stencil from the new HAS “Networx” set to help fade the green areas. 

I’ve been brainstorming some more fun boy designs that I can teach during my upcoming visit to the Northern New Jersey Face and Body Art Guild meeting in May!  After seeing the pages of robots I had drawn in my sketchbook, I was pleasantly surprised that my boys actually both wanted to be painted!  (I was afraid they may be painted out after each being painted 12 times for my “Painting Boys” book!)  Here’s what they picked:

I’m seriously loving my new BAM 1220 stencil that looks like a circuit board for robots!! Metallic paints are a MUST for robots, and boys are all for adding glitter when it is carefully placed where things “glow,” like on the robots’ eyes and mouth!

Not only did they wish they could keep these on for another day, but they were already picking out which one they’d like next! Win-win!