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NEW BAM Stencils Now Shipping!

We have an assortment of the latest and greatest BAM stencil additions now in stock! Check them out…

We have a couple great new “BAM-PAX” sets, great for making jewels and sugar skulls! Check them out here.

HAS Stencils
We have 3 new “HAS (Half Ass Stencils)” sets, including many of the newest BAM stencils, shrunk down to half size! I personally love all of my HAS stencils…they are the perfect size for little faces.  Check out our assortment here.

BAM Stencil Pro Sets
The old “complete set” and “expansion sets” are now discontinued…if you want one, we only have one of each left!  In their place, there are now 5 new “pro sets!”  Each set includes 25 BAM stencils for just $59.00! Check them out, here!

Thanks so much for stopping by…happy painting! šŸ™‚

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