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Zootopia Face Painting Fun!

We took our boys to see Zootopia this week during spring break, so of course I had to do a little experimenting with some design ideas! There are so many more I could come up with but here’s what I did in the little time I had today.

On the left are a few I did on my PainterTemplates practice sheets…hopefully I can snag a kid later to try them on skin! Judy the bunny I painted on my leg, and my youngest let me try Nick the fox (holding “pawpsicles” of course) on his face! Here are the tools I used:

I love my Alex Hansen pawprint CD stencil and it was great for adding a little texture to the background.  I really like that stencil because it is super sturdy, and I don’t have to worry about my dauber catching on any delicate points and bending it up! I just used a little Mehron INtense Pro powder for the pawprints.

Lowe-Cornell’s 7000C series are my go-to brushes for everything detailed.  Most of the paints here were Paradise, with a little bit of Kryolan and of course some Wolfe black and white.

It’s so fun when new animated movies come out!! I find that I get much more creative ideas for movie themed designs when I’m able to actually attend them, versus just Googling the characters.

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