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2016 Christmas Season Recap!

We had yet another AMAZING Christmas season at Paintertainment!! Here are a few photos from the events I had the privilege of painting at this past month, both for myself and other agents & friends!

Loving that pixie paint on the polar bear!!

I love working with my balloon twisting and face painting friends, and of course the fantastic Santa Carlucci and Cheryl Claus!!

This was a totally unique event I did this year, hired through another artist friend…painting perfume bottles for a private event at Nordstroms!  Soooo fun to work with glass paint and customize some awesome gifts!

 Yes, I still do plenty of cheek art at Christmas time!!  This particular event the kids are always bundled up, and we are lucky to even see enough exposed skin on their cheeks!  This way they can wear their hats and scarves while still showing off their art!

Love doing this event, usually with my mom each Christmas…we always get a visit from the carolers!

This year I finally invested in an elf costume! I bought a few pieces on Amazon, and modified several items found at Goodwill. I went full elf…from the curly elf shoes to the pointy nose and ears!! It was a super fun project and I’m really looking forward to wearing this again next year! (along with some more additions I’m planning to incorporate for next Christmas!)

One of my favorite December events is at my grandpa’s memory care home…my Christmas gift to him!  Each year our family attends their Christmas party and I twist balloons for the residents and party guests in my grandpa Harvey’s house.  My little boys love to help too! Sam really loves twisting balloons with me at this event, and this year Toby joined in too! I was pretty excited to find a perfect little Sam-sized elf vest and hat at Goodwill too!!

Toby is my little joker elf. He did NOT want to wear anything elf, but really wanted the Santa hat! He LOVES telling jokes and came armed with some Christmas jokes!

Sam is great at making balloons and visiting with the residents! He’s such a great little listener, even when what they are saying doesn’t make sense to him. Sweetest elf ever!

Me and my Grandpa Harvey! I always make him a Rudolf hat with a light up nose. 

My grandpa doesn’t really remember who we are.  He told my husband he had no kids, no grandkids, and he just kept pointing out his daughter (my mom), myself and our boys.  But his face sure lights up when we visit!  We create smiles and that’s what counts!  And I have to say, I was touched to notice this little, shriveled up carrot balloon on his shelf in his room…

…a piece of an Easter bunny balloon sculpture I made for him many months ago! I can’t imagine the confusion he must have seeing this thing on his shelf, wondering what the heck it is and where it came from, but some part of him wanted to keep it, and that’s enough for me! 🙂

Among these fun events, I also had the opportunity to paint my little man Sam (and make a costume) as a black sheep for our church Christmas program, and adorned 13 little “angels” with some Pixie Paint bling! I also hosted a paint jam which was a BLAST as always!!

I hope you all had an amazing holiday season with your families!! I personally had a great Christmas and am excited for some fun things that are coming in 2017! Stay tuned…and happy painting!

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