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Celebrate Day 21: “Squirrel Appreciation Day!”

Have you appreciated a squirrel lately?  I can tell you that I am guilty of not appreciating squirrels.  They dig up my garden, leaving my baby tomato plants to grow in random places throughout my yard.  They also steal birdseed with gusto.  If you saw all of the squirrel memorabilia my grandma has, you’d think she was a squirrel appreciator, but I’m pretty sure she hates them more than I do.  She had a squirrel that got into her house once, shredding the drapes, pooping on stuff and inducing general terror.  She is now the reluctant recipient of all sorts of squirrel themed gifts for Christmas and birthdays.  Poor Grandma. 

In honor of these awful, thieving rodents, I painted one on my hands!

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