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Celebrate Day 47: “Do a Grouch a Favor Day!”

It’s “do a grouch a favor day!” For today I of course had to paint one of the most well known grouches, Oscar!

Believe it or not, I have actually received calls from clients requesting that we please provide them with a friendly face painter, because in previous years when they’ve hired through other companies, they have gotten GROUCHY artists who are not nice to the kids.  Yes, it’s true!!  There are even people in THIS profession who do not like their jobs!  Crazy, I know.  Grouchy entertainers make for funny Homey the Clown skits, but are not recommended for actual celebrations. These people really should find a new line of work, because our job is to bring joy to kids!

Looking for someone who won’t act like a total grump for your child’s big day? Contact Paintertainment for talented professionals who love their jobs, and it shows!

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