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Robot Themed Balloon Pillars!


Last week I had the chance to do some more balloon decor for my church! The theme for the event’s graphics was robots, so came up with some robot themed pillars!

They reached floor to ceiling!

This time I decided to set up my GoPro and make a time lapse of the construction! All together it took about 2 hours to create these.  Here they are in a couple minutes…

If I had an unlimited budget I would have ordered some geo donuts for the eyes, but the Geo Blossoms I had on hand worked pretty well I think! I definitely had to utilize my Glue Dots for this one, to attach all the face pieces and antennae.

Here are some pics of the pillars during the event!

Photos by Elizabeth Bloom during the event…thanks, Liz!!

This one was super fun!!  My church invested in a balloon arch and column kit, which came with a slick little electric pump that is noisy but works just perfect for things like this.  It’s gotten quite a bit of use over the past couple years! 🙂

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