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Minnesota Professional Family Entertainer & Artists’ Business Conference 2017!

Just Imagine…

Imagine if you could get into a room with not one but many successful business owners in the same industry as you, and soak in some of their best tidbits that can directly affect your own bottom line. Now imagine that they are not only experts in the same field, but in your own home market.  No worries about choosing which presenter to see throughout the convention, playing a lottery and hoping you chose the best ones…you get to hear them all. Now, imagine that you, as the attendee, are the one who gets to decide what topics they speak on. Not only are you able to take in the best bits of distilled, concentrated business tips throughout the day on topics you’ve voted on, but every single attendee has the opportunity to get their additional questions answered. Imagine that you don’t even have to spend hundreds of dollars on airfare, hotels, meals to get there…that you can get all of this for $75 in one day in your own back yard.

Yes, it’s true.
On Tuesday, October 3rd, Lori Hurley did just that when she put together the second (bi-annual) business conference in Maplewood, MN.  Through her many years of experience both attending and speaking at conferences around the country, she has developed a format that ensures there is NO time wasted, jam packing all of the best pure “nuggets” of business advice GOLD possible into 15 minute Ted Talk-style presentations.

All I can say is…wow.  Wow wow WOW! What a tremendous honor it was for me to be among some of the most incredible, inspirational and successful leaders in our industry who spoke at this business conference on Tuesday, right here in the Twin Cities! I swear it feels like I’ve won the lottery not only to be in this city with not only incredible artists, but some of the most savvy business minds in the entertainment industry.

Among this year’s presenters were myself, author and entertainer David Walbridge, master magician Hudson, Illusionist+Humorist and marketing genius Brad Gudim, talented entertainer and agent Naomi Binsfeld, and the master of ceremonies herself, Lori Hurley.

A Rising Tide
A common quote from the day was “A rising tide lifts all boats,” and boy did a lot of boats rise this week in the Twin Cities (and Wisconsin too)!  We learned about what makes a good agent and artist, creative ways to market ourselves, and some of the nitty gritty of setting up and running a successful small business.  We had valuable, honest discussions about difficult topics including everything from market rates, figuring out our worth, cutting off lines, what to say when a client objects to our rates, and ensuring we get paid. We learned about the immense role that our own mentality about our business plays in it’s financial success, and gave ourselves permission to truly OWN our business, be the boss, and stand up for ourselves and the value we bring to our clients. 

Attendees left the conference with a renewed sense of confidence and courage to take charge of the success of their business, and a to-do list of action items to improve their bottom lines. (and YES, after 22+ years in this business, I too left with pages of notes and a list of to-do’s myself!) While the value of this conference FAR exceeded the $75 fee to reserve a spot, the ripple effect it will have not only on our own businesses but the Twin Cities market is priceless.

I just want to extend personal kudos to everyone who was willing and able to set aside a day of their week to invest in their business and, most importantly, act on your new knowledge.  By doing so you will not only undoubtedly improve your own business, but elevate the entertainment industry in the Twin Cities as a whole!  Now pat yourselves on the back, give yourself a raise, and get out there & start working on that to-do list! I can’t wait to hear the success stories that come out of this event!