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Belly Painting: Butterfly Fairy with Ivy

I’ve been wanting to blog about this super fun belly painting I did last month, but was waiting for the professional photos to come in first as I knew they would be so much better than my own! 😉 In November I had the absolute pleasure and privilege to paint not only the belly of this beautiful momma Heidi, but a corresponding face on her gorgeous little girl Charlotte as well!!

Normally I paint bellies in my living room but this time decided to try a different little area nearby, right in front of a window overlooking the lake.  I think it worked really well and the bay window was a great spot to put all my paints!

Heidi invited a professional photographer Michelle Johnson of 2 Chicks Photography to come out and capture the morning! She arrived a little ways into the painting which worked out well, as she was able to get some photos of the painting in progress.  
The design is a butterfly fairy, with some ivy incorporated to represent baby girl “Ivy” growing inside! Love that name!! Heidi requested more earthy tones, but also rainbows, which I incorporated around the edges with my favorite FAB Glitter Rainbow cake!  The silver swirls you see in the background were done with a BAM #2005 stencil.

Charlotte enjoyed watching Momma’s belly transform, in between playing with our extensive collection of toys, haha! 😉 Our main floor is really open, and well stocked with Legos, Playmobil and movies, so it’s easy for kiddos to join in the fun and go play while still being within view of mom!

While the photographer got her area set up and started taking a few photos of just the belly painting, I did a quick little coordinating butterfly design on Charlotte, incorporating some ivy on the other cheek.

I always love to capture those precious “mirror moments” whenever I can!! This is why we do it, folks…just look at those dimples!!!

 I had such a great time painting Heidi, and am so pleased to say that baby Ivy arrived happy and healthy just recently! What an honor it is to be a part of commemorating something so special. Belly painting is my all time favorite!! Thank you Heidi and Charlotte for choosing me to share in this beautiful experience with you!!