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Wet Paint Magazine’s SPRING issue is NOW SHIPPING!

We are so excited to announce that the spring issue of Wet Paint Magazine is now available to order worldwide!

In the spring 2018 issue of Wet Paint Magazine, we’ve interviewed 7 artists who took on big creative challenges in 2017. Read about the challenges and rewards of their personal creative journeys and gain valuable tips, advice and encouragement. Who knows, you might learn that a creative challenge is just what you need to start 2018 off right and end better than ever!

We’ve all had times when life’s circumstances have made it especially difficult to remain joyful in our jobs of bringing fun to our clients’ events. In the spring 2018 issue of Wet Paint Magazine, professional entertainer and agent Lori Hurley shares her personal experience with having joy on the job when you don’t feel like it!

In the latest issue of Wet Paint Magazine, we’ve kicked off a new series of Pro Q&A sessions with artist Kristin Olsson! Kristin has also created not one but two beautiful step by step designs for you, in fitting with our flowers & butterflies theme!

Kristin Olsson and Bianca Hannah have both generously created a total of 3 step by step designs for this issue’s theme of flowers & butterflies! Also, we’ve interviewed 8 year old Puck Janssen of Holland for this issue’s “Kid Artist Spotlight!”

Order your copy today directly from our printer by clicking HERE! We will have physical copies in our shop for US customers within the next few days as well. 
Thanks for stopping by, and happy painting! 

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