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Carver County Fair 2018 Recap!

2018 marked my 21st year painting at county fairs, and my 6th year at the Carver County Fair! It was a good year and weather was perfect and sunny literally every day. I don’t remember that ever happening in my 21 years of fairs! There’s always at least one rainout! However, this year we had nothing but sun. Here are some photos from my 5 days at the fair!

My booth space with just the carpet & cabinet

My paints!

Booth all set up!

Ready to go the first day!

Arm painting of Tippy the Cow

My mom paints on Thursday for most of the day so I can bring my boys, and get a little work done in my office! 
Always gotta visit the chickens!

A new design for 2018

Teenage girls LOVE cheek art!

I put together a little unicorn horn step by step one day when it was slower!

New design for 2018

A family affair!

My most frequent customer of the year!

Ninja turtles were popular this year!

A new design for 2018

My favorite guys visiting my booth!

My arm

My arm 

Tear-down on the last day!

My awesome helpers

Waiting for Dad to pull the truck around!

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