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SO Many NEW Products!

We’ve been adding so many products lately, I haven’t kept up with sharing them all on my blog! Here are a few of our latest additions to the shop!

We now carry Pros-Aide! Be sure to stock up now before the winter months hit…remember we are located in Minnesota, and this product will be rendered useless if frozen! Definitely check out the new Pros-Aide II…while the original is great for glitter tattoos and things we want to last for days, Pros-Aide II is preferred by artists for more temporary items like bling clusters and unicorn horns!

We also now carry Art Factory’s Glitter Glaze and Festival Glitter!

Glitter Glaze!
Festival Glitter!

Don’t forget to keep an eye on our Pixie Paint assortment as it’s still GROWING!

Pixie Paint…we keep adding more, more more!

Did you miss the latest issue of Wet Paint Magazine? Grab yours NOW for some really great and timely inspiration and information! In the fall issue we’ve interviewed Shawna DelReal about sugar skulls…what you need to know about their history, and what’s appropriate and NOT appropriate to include in their design! Also, you’ll really enjoy our Q&A with Nancy Wu, our feature on blacklight artist John Poppelton, and we’ll invite you into the magical world of Elfia!

Wet Paint Fall 2018 – a MUST have!

We have a lot of fun things for bling cluster making…

We now carry stamen in assorted colors, perfect for antennae in your butterfly body bling clusters!

available in yellow, pearl black and white!

We now carry big backs of red ribbon roses! Snip the tops off with a scissor or wire cutter, and affix them to your bling clusters!
ribbon roses
Getting into the unicorn horn craze? We now carry Foamies brand air dry clay, which is perfect for making unicorn horns! The clay dries slightly flexible to stand up to kid play, and weighs virtually nothing!
air dry clay; perfect for making unicorn and monster horns!

We have also expanded our assortment of fabric paints for bling clusters, including glitter and iridescent sets!

Iridescent slick paints
Speaking of bling…we’ve added so many new gems it’s hard to list them all! Here are just a few of the new, fun Halloween bling we have in stock! These are a special buy, with limited stock, so get them before they’re gone!!

Here are few more of our new bling sheets…find these and all of our bling on our bling page!!

Two sheets of adhesive backed epoxy eye pairs, and several google eye pairs!

If you can believe it, we’ve actually added even more items, but this is all I have time to share with you this morning!! Be sure to visit our shop regularly as we’re always expanding and evolving! Thanks for stopping by, and happy painting!!

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