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2018 Ugly Christmas Sweater

I had the joy of painting my awesome 10 year old again this year with another ugly Christmas sweater for my business Christmas cards! He’s such a good sport! This sweater was SO realistic that it really itched him, haha! I think it had something to do with our dry Minnesota winter air as it doesn’t usually itch him, but he did an amazing job sitting still for an hour for this one!

Things get a little crazy around our house this time of year, prepping for Christmas, this guy’s birthday which is the day after, and all the holiday parties I paint at! However, this year is even more nutty as we just got an 8 week old great dane puppy right around Thanksgiving! So, please bear with me as I plan my work day around naps and potty breaks, haha! I hope to get some more painting in here once we get past the holidays, AND more blog posting! So stay tuned for a recap of the Jamvention and more step by steps to come! Until then, have a wonderful holiday!