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FREE Balloon Tutorial: “Head Huggers!”

This week I came up with a fun idea for some headband balloons that I have been calling “head huggers!” These are SUPER easy and fast to make, and there are SO many possibilities to mix them up with different characters! I put together a little tutorial, and I can’t wait to see what YOU do to take this idea to the next level! Be sure to share your own creations…we love to see your work!

Since the standard heart shaped cat prints that so many twisters love to use have been hard to come by lately, I thought I’d try something different! The cat heads I used on my kitty head hugger I purchased on Amazon. They come with cardboard ears and a roll of glue dots. So for parties, what I did was cut apart pieces of the glue dot roll so I had short pieces with two dots each, stuck them in place on the ears, and then when I need to attach them at a gig, I can just peel off the backing and stick them on. I think they look pretty cute, and a great alternative to the heart shaped cats!

  • Headbands 1″ Clear – 10 pack
    Headbands 1″ Clear – 10 pack
  • Betallatex 260B Pastel Matte Nozzle-Up – 50ct
    Betallatex 260B Pastel Matte Nozzle-Up – 50ct
  • Betallatex 260B Nozzle-Up Individual Colors, 50ct
    Betallatex 260B Nozzle-Up Individual Colors, 50ct

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4 Speedy Snails

Today I was practicing some balloon twisting, and working on coming up with a few variations of a snail! The little orange one is just a single 160 balloon with a yellow scrap. The pink & yellow one uses two 260’s and one pink 160, while the bigger one with the chrome shell uses three 260’s and a white round!

It’s super useful to have multiple ways to make different things, not only for the ability to adjust your speed at an event, but to account for any variations in the supplies you may have packed!

It got me thinking of course of how we do this same thing with face painting. I can do a quick cheek art version of something, a more detailed half-face, or a full face, for many of my designs! So I thought I’d put together a little video of the amount of variety you can achieve JUST within the CHEEK ART category alone! Here I start with s super fast snail that is made up of one pounce of a dauber and three teardrops! I then go on to add a little more detail, stepping it up with google eyes, and finally with more shading and festival glitter! The variations are endless, but I hope you enjoy this little sampling of speedy snails!

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Get 10% Off during Paintertainment’s GRAND RE-OPENING!

I am very excited to announce Paintertainment’s GRAND RE-OPENING!!! We have expanded our assortment of products so much, that we had to build a second story on the virtual store just to display all of the great new items we have for sale!

Visit our store today to check out not only more new products, but also entire new assortments!  You’ll find an all new clown section, with clown makeup essentials like white clown base makeup, setting powder and remover, Supracolor grease makeup palettes, and even rainbow eyelashes!

Our new balloon section is a great place to start if you’re getting into balloon twisting, with an assortment of balloons and hand pumps.  I plan on expanding the assortment of colors soon as well!  Got a favorite that you use most often?  Let me know, as I’d love to incorporate your feedback!  I am not a professional balloon twister myself, although I plan to learn soon.  So, I am open to any and all suggestions.

Our glitter aisle now has even more “bling,” with the previous addition of acrylic rhinestones and two products to affix them…both spirit gum and eyelash adhesive.

So visit our store today and check out the new “remodeling” and product selection!  And as a special thank you to all of my Blogger and Facebook friends, get 10% off from now until January 17th on all orders when you enter the coupon code REOPEN2011 !!  (No minimum required.  Limit one coupon use per customer.)

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Clowning Around at Como Park

I had a great time on Saturday painting with Rusty the Clown and his daughters, “Dotsy” and “Pumpkin,” at Como Park in St. Paul.  My mom and I have painted with them for this event for several years.  Rusty puts on a great magic show, and his daughters are a blast to watch as they entertain the kids with their balloon animals and bubbly personalities!

Here I am painting a princess crown on Pumpkin’s arm:

You may recognize her from my website, where you see a photo of me painting her ankle some years back! 

They are such a great bunch of people and I really enjoy it when I have the chance to work with Rusty.  I soon hope to add his information to my own website, where I will be able to offer his wonderful entertainment to clients as well!