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This package includes everything you need to get the best start learning cheek art designs! Gretchen’s wildly popular cheek art book has been completely re-designed and re-done for 2016 to include 40 designs! Each design is explained in 6 steps with full color photos. The beginning of the book starts you out with descriptions of the tools and supplies needed, and also covers some basic yet essential painting techniques, and great tips to get you started! In addition to the book, this package deal includes a heavily laminated 8.5″ x 11″ design sheet, complete with every design you will find in the book. You also get a mini, hand-held “cheat sheet” to use for your own reference while painting, or as an easy way for the kids to point to their chosen design while sitting in your chair. The mini “cheat sheet” card is also full color and laminated for durability.


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