Paintertainment’s Smile Painter Set


Face Painting: A Step-by-Step Guide

Wolfe Hydrocolor 12-Color Palette

Classic Carnival Design Menu letter size

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Our wildly popular Smile Painter Set is BACK! This kit was specially designed for those who have been asked to face paint at their child’s school or church carnival, and have no prior experience painting faces. Resist the urge to use dangerous craft paints that are not made for skin!! It’s not worth the few bucks you’ll save! This kit comes with a set of high quality, professional grade face paint, which contains only ingredients that are FDA compliant for use on skin. Unlike the cheap kits you’ll find in craft stores, this paint kit is completely re-fillable when you run out of a color! In addition to the paints, this kit comes with my book full of tips, tricks, and information to help you prepare for your volunteer painting event! You also get a heavily laminated, full-color design menu full of simple cheek art designs, and two brushes! The #4 round brush is great for your main color areas. You’ll also get a #1 round Loew-Cornell brush for outlining.


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