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How to do a jack-o-lantern face paint

I have had several customers ask me to create step-by-step instructions for my designs. While I am planning to write another book soon that fulfills that very purpose, I thought I’d share one great Halloween “freebie” for you!

Here are some instructions for creating a simple jack-o-lantern cheek art design!

1. Draw 3 yellow triangles and a crescent as shown to represent eyes, nose, and mouth.
2. Fill in the shapes with yellow.
3. With orange, trace around your yellow shapes.

4. Add some teeth to the mouth if you like, stroking from the outline into the middle of the yellow.
5. Draw the outer edges of the pumpkin, kindof like a pair of touching parentheses.
6. Fill in the rest of the orange.

7. Add a green stem.
8. Outline the pumpkin and the stem.
9. If you like outline the facial features and add more detail.

10. Add some nice orange and/or yellow glitter!

You can find some nice, superfine orange and black glitter here for your Halloween face paintings, as well as paints, Halloween design sheets, and more supplies!

Happy Halloween!

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