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More New Products Just Added!

I’ve just added some great new items to!

We now have extra large, 3/4″ wide brushes available! These are great for when you are doing full face designs, and need to cover a lot of area. All brushes on our site are made of high quality, genuine sable bristles.

I’m also excited to have just added some great 6-color pallets of metallic Kryolan face paints! These paints have a truly shiny, metallic look.

And, if you run out of any colors, we also have refills, including a bronze that does not come in the standard pallet set:

The metallic paints look really great and shiny on skin. Here is a very simple sword design that I often do, using the metallic silver paint:

Metallic paints go on a little different than the regular paints. I find the silver is almost flaky when it dries out, but I just use a bit more water when applying it than I do with other paints.

If pallets of several colors are not your thing, we also have several of the metallic colors in the larger, 2.5 ounce cakes. I like to keep one larger silver on hand as it comes in handy for many of my designs!

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