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Empty 24 Color Palette Boxes Now Available!

I’ve just added another new product to the shopping site…empty 24 color palette boxes for $20! I recently started carrying the 12 color and 6 color empty palettes, and they have become a popular addition to my inventory.  So, I decided to add in the 24 color box as well.  These metal boxes are designed to hold the Kryolan palette refills, also available on the site.  Purchasing these boxes empty allows you to create your own custom palette of colors, once you fill them with your desired refills!

It’s super easy to fill these palettes and swap out colors…simply snap the refills into the round depressions in the metal palette.  The option of creating your own palette gives you the opportunity to mix and match the basic colors, UV Dayglow fluorescent colors, Interferenz and metallics.  The possibilities are endless!