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Two New Paint Colors Now Available!

I am pleased to announce the addition of two new paint colors to our selection of 2.5 oz Kryolan Aquacolor professional face paints! I have just added a light flesh tone (#01S) as well as a very nice teal (TK2) to the website. Both are available now at $12.00 for a large 2.5 ounce size…check them out!

The flesh tone is perfect for the skin color of many popular characters, such as princesses, etc.  Just a little bit of red added would turn it into a nice pink.  The teal is great for flowers, butterflies, and mermaid tails!  I usually mix most of my own colors, however, teal has always been a tough one for me to get just right.  It usually turns out leaning more toward green or blue.  But, this one is perfect on it’s own!