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Lucky Celtic Dragon!

Well, I got too impatient to wait for my hubby to let me paint him, so I went ahead and did my next “Luck of the Irish Challenge” entry today on my leg again.  I made up sortof a Celtic dragon, incorporating the rainbow in his belly, lucky horseshoe on his gold leprechaun hat, and a four-leaf clover on the end of his tail.  šŸ™‚

Close up of the head

I drew the design with a white Mehron Pro Pencil and started adding Kryolan colors

Adding the green and some gold on the wings
Gold hat and scales
I used a BAM2007 stencil for the scales.  If you look close, they are kindof shaped like little 4-leaf clovers!  The gold texture on the wings I did with BAM 1000 and a metallic gold Kryolan paint.

Black and White…always my favorite part!