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Now Shipping: TAG Products!

Talk about FUN mail!!

I am sooooo excited to have received my first shipment of TAG one strokes and split cakes this week!!  Here are a few samples of my first attempts to use three of the one-stroke cakes: Berry (used for the rose petals), Snake (used for the leaves), Ocean (used for the dolphin), and Unicorn….

It was hard to choose what to order for the shop but I think I have a pretty good start to my TAG product selection.  
TAG oe stroke cake selection paintertainment
1-Strokes that are now available!  Don’t forget the brush! 😉
Besides the split cakes and one-strokes, we are now also carrying the #12 Brush, TAG black and white, Pearl palettes, boxes and inserts to hold and organize your cakes!
 TAG pearl 6 color paletteTAG empty palette bo
I hope to carry all of the 1-strokes and then take on some of their half-and-half split cakes in the future.  But, with a $1,500.00 minimum opening order and over $300 for shipping from Australia, I think I pretty well maxed out my little budget!!  😉  I’d love to hear what YOUR favorite TAG cakes are, and any of your suggestions as far as what I should order next time!

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