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Metallic / Pearlescent Paint Brand Comparison

I thought it might be useful to create some images to help you compare the differences and similarities of several brands of metallic colored paints that we carry in the shop.  Below I have brushed on a stroke of each brand of similar colors: TAG Pearl, Wolfe Metallix, Kryolan Interferenz and Kryolan Metallic.

The greens are all pretty different in their color.  TAG was my favorite here for how nice and bright it is!  However, the color you want of course depends on what you are painting. 

The golds had more variation.  Wolfe turned out to be more matte in finish.  Both Wolfe and TAG are the most yellow.  Kryolan Interferenz is yellow but sparkly, and Kryolan Metallic is definitely the most shiny, true gold-metallic of the bunch.

The first three blues are all pretty similar.  Kryolan’s Interferenz GB is a little more grean, and the silver blue is more silver.  But I don’t think you could really tell the difference between Wolfe, TAG, and the Kryolan Interferenz BG.

The silvers have similar properties of the golds, where Wolfe was a little more matte finish. However, TAG, Wolfe and Kryolan Interferenz were pretty close in appearance.  Kryolan Metallic wins again for the most bright and shiny true metallic!

You can find all of these brands of metallic, pearl, and interferenz paints on our site, here!

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